As the increasing need and value of data rises, the importance of its governance intensifies. Quality Review + Compliance provides digital model and data checking, tailored to meet your specific business needs. This service includes reporting of findings, to not only identify non-compliances but give clarity to support opportunities for improvement.

Model-checking can take many forms depending on your discrete requirements. Whether you have recently employed distinct Archicad® processes, new ways of working or have a project-specific need, regular checking gives transparency as to whether your project teams are meeting their obligations.

We can also perform compliance checks and report on the following:

  • Project Brief such as minimum sizes, quantities, spatial relationships etc
  • BIM Validation and Data Integrity requirements as defined by BIM documents such as EIR, DExP, BEP, BMP etc
  • National Regulatory Codes and Standards such as the NCC BCA, Australian Standards etc
  • Design Guidelines such as Australasian Health Facilities Guidelines (AusHFG), Educational Facilities Standards and Guidelines (EFSG), Apartment Design Guidelines, Livable Housing Design Guidelines, Social Housing Design Guide etc


Quality Review + Compliance model checking not only reduces your risk and increases your certainty, but ensures there is less rework. It provides insight and clarity, enabling early indication of problems before they escalate into real issues.