People are at the core of any practice. In fact, it is their performance that not only contributes to the financial success of a business but plays a significant role in its future. Do your staff have the capabilities to perform to meet your company’s needs? Are you providing adequate training to support these needs?

To ensure success, providing the right training at the right time to the right people is essential. Whether you have a project-specific need or require a complete educational framework, we can tailor a program to suit all levels of your business. Delivery can take many forms such as instructor-led, one-on-one, remote, or pre-recorded videos.

  • Archicad® inductions
  • Archicad fundamentals
  • Ways of working
  • BIM for all levels of your business


Education not only builds the capabilities and confidence of your team but safeguards your hiring investment. Companies who provide training are shown to have an increase in morale and are more innovative, leading to greater staff retention.

Education also ensures your team are working productively and in accordance with your company’s standards, providing the basis for consistent, high-quality outputs reinforcing your brand.

And finally, you can be confident that everyone is working from a baseline, providing the ability to measure future education.