Often factors impacting the operational effectiveness of a company are challenging to detect. Left uncovered not only leaves the business at risk but is not sustainable. However, employing our Audit + Analysis utilising a holistic People, Process, Technology approach, enables us to provide insight into your existing business delivery mechanism, unlocking value and opportunity.

We conduct a thorough investigation and provide feedback on the following three elements:


What are you doing to attain and retain your most valuable resource? People are at the core of any business. They are the innovators of process and drivers of technology. We conduct interviews to gain insight into culture, knowledge and elevated skillsets.


How effective are your workflows? Is there consistency in your outputs? We report on your Archicad® use, supporting technologies and ways of working by drilling into projects, templates, standards and user guides.


How accessible is your content? We’ll have a look at your repositories and sources of truth.


Our Audit + Analysis provides tangible information and data to fully appreciate your businesses capabilities for delivering projects, highlighting any areas of concern. It also allows us to propose recommendations and provide clarity where the business can leverage People, Process and Technologies for improvement.