At Reidefine, we specialise in the complexities of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for diverse projects. Our BIM Management service ensures seamless model federation, efficient clash resolution, rigorous quality control and comprehensive auditing and reporting.

We utilise Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) to bridge gaps between various BIM software like Revit and Archicad, ensuring collaboration across platforms. Adhering to ISO 19650 as our framework, we commit to precisely meeting all client deliverables. This includes the development of tailored BIM Execution Plans (BEP, DEXP, etc.) for each project’s unique requirements.


The benefits of effective BIM Management are as follows:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate seamless teamwork across Revit and Archicad platforms, ensuring smooth project execution.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control processes to uphold the highest standards in BIM project delivery.
  • Efficient Clash Detection: Proactive clash resolution to minimise delays and reduce costs.
  • Accurate Auditing and Reporting: Detailed auditing for transparency and comprehensive reporting for insightful project tracking.
  • Client Deliverable Fulfillment: We diligently adhere to client-specific requirements, effectively meeting all deliverables.
  • BEP, DEXP Development: Custom development of BIM Execution Plans to align with project goals and standards.
  • IFC Utilisation: Leverage IFC for interoperability, ensuring data integrity and accessibility across BIM software.

Our BIM Management service at Reidefine is the cornerstone for successful BIM-enabled projects, uniting efficiency, quality and collaborative excellence.