The Value of Knowing your Status Quo

Knowing Your Status Quo

How well do you know your delivery mechanism? As an example, do your staff deliver projects efficiently with consistency? Are they increasing your risk by taking shortcuts? Is your practice in a position to keep up with rapid technological change and growing client demands? Where are the opportunities for improvement? This is the value of knowing your status quo.

We’ve performed analysis on many practices of all sizes, and these are the recurring themes we see. The outcomes of these are crucial to the performance of your business. Fortunately, most often, the solutions are there, but practices either don’t have or take the time to find out or don’t know the right questions to ask. These issues if left alone, can impact your competitiveness.

Regularly, we encounter practices delivering projects ‘like they always have’. Their Archicad template hasn’t been developed to meet their practice’s evolving needs or with automation in mind. They’re not taking advantage of new software features or challenging their current ways of working. They employ staff with the same skillsets they’ve always looked for, despite the growing need for digital agility. In-house training most likely doesn’t exist or is ineffective.

Rest assured, with the appropriate actions and framework; your practice can overcome many of these issues. First, you must build a reference to identify the opportunities. Having access to this information puts you in a powerful position to initiate change. This is the value of knowing your status quo.

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